The NTD Innovation Prize will fund ideas aligned with the BEST framework’s strategic domains of behavior, the environment, social inclusion and equity, and treatment and care. Cross-cutting themes related to data and analytics to support access to information and inform decision making are also encouraged.

Example topics within each domain may include, but are not limited to:

Behavior Change

  • Physical behaviors such as personal hygiene or other risk-reducing behaviors

  • Vector control, waste management and livestock keeping practices

  • Improving uptake of protective and treatment-seeking behaviors

  • Institutional behaviors related to system strengthening and achievement of universal health coverage


  • Environmental measures for disease control, including integrated vector management

  • Improved access to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure

  • Infection, prevention and control measures within healthcare settings

Social Inclusion and Equity

  • Health systems strengthening to deliver essential quality services

  • Reducing barriers to access quality care

  • Initiatives addressing stigma and discrimination, facilitating empowerment and quality social support services

Treatment and Care

  • Supporting improved comprehensive treatment, including surgical options

  • Tools or interventions targeted at reducing transmission such as preventive chemotherapy

  • Disease management and self-care to reduce severity, prevent suffering and decrease vulnerability