Review Process

1. Abstracts will undergo an initial compliance review to ensure adherence to application guidelines and instructions.

2. Screened and approved abstracts will undergo a second round of review and scoring based on the criteria specified below by a panel of experts within relevant fields related to NTDs and innovation. Please note: Reviewers may not be experts on the specific idea proposed, so abstracts should be written in clear language without extensive technical jargon.

3. Video pitches will be reviewed by an additional group of experts.

4. The final pitches at the NNN Conference will be judged by a panel assembled based on the ideas selected for the final round to ensure an appropriate level of subject matter expertise.

The number of applicants selected for the semi-finalist round will be dependent on the number of overall applicants, up to 25 abstracts will be selected as semi-finalists and up to five semi-finalists will be invited to the final round.

The NTD Innovation Prize organizing committee reserves the right to cancel or not award a prize due to a lack of applications or if the review panel determines there are no qualified applications meeting the criteria.

Review Criteria

1. Application Compliance

  • Applicants must clearly follow all application and submission instructions. Abstracts exceeding the word limit, or videos exceeding the time limit WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

2. Problem and Solution

  • Does the applicant clearly articulate the problem they are trying to solve AND present a realistic solution?

3. Priority Alignment

  • Does the applicant demonstrate alignment with the BEST Framework or a cross-cutting idea?

4. Level of Innovation

  • Is the idea proposed considered innovative?

5. Pathway to Success

  • Do the application materials include a clear theory of change leading to measurable outcomes?

6. Team Capacity

  • Does the team demonstrate the necessary capacity to execute the idea effectively?

7. Collaboration

  • Does the application outline areas of collaboration, especially those with local partners and stakeholders?

8. Presentation

  • Are the application documents and presentation professionally articulated?